Tom Brodie has a 12 year track record in sales, marketing and database development. In April 2002, Len Fitzgerald founded the elottery Syndicate. Fitzgerald opened the first ever video rental store in the UK in 1984.

They thought that since there aren’t any people in the world who doesn’t want to win a fortune from the lottery, why not find a way to help as many people achieve their dreams?

They hired a professor of mathematics from a university and brainstormed ways to achieve their goal. The result was a syndicate system that increases the chances data bullseye of winning the lottery. The syndicate system will give players a substantial advantage over regular players who play alone. They will be more likely to win the jackpots and they will also win more money and prizes.

The system allows anyone from anywhere in the world to participate in two of the most tax-free lotteries: the United Kingdom National Lotto and EuroMillions.

Each player in a syndicate receives a set of numbers. Because the syndicate system only requires one number to win prizes, it is possible to hit any number.

There is an incredible 3600% chance that you will win a EuroMillions Jackpot by playing in the syndicates. Only 1 in 10 chance of winning any prize is possible. The system was made possible by network marketing. Each member who presents the esyndicate to five others will get to play for free. The additional members will be paid commissions and each new group will receive an additional set for free.

Here’s the trick to winning weekly lottery prizes of euromillions without having to buy tickets.

The Euromillions syndicate player receives a set of five numbers. If only one number is drawn, the syndicate will be awarded a prize. There are fifty main numbers. Players who have more then ten sets will cover all the numbers. In the worst case, they will match every draw number from five different numbers and syndicates. Five prizes will be awarded.